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Ice cream socials, ice cream parties, church ice cream events, family BBQ's or any other special occasion you need ice cream Continental Ice Cream, Inc. is here to service you.

As your premier ice cream distributor, Continental Ice Cream, Inc. looks forward to making your next special event a success. We offer the best quality ice cream at the best prices in town with outstanding service. Our experienced staff will deliver a clean, attractive ice cream push cart stocked with delicious novelty ice creams of your choice, set it up in the location of your choosing, and return to pick it up at the conclusion of your event. Our ice cream truck service can be reserved for all occasions, from small parties to large corporate or social gatherings. We provide a clean, attractive, ice cream truck, a delicious menu of top-quality ice cream products, and the personnel to do it all. The ice cream truck will show up at the time and location of your choosing and a professional attendant will serve ice cream to your guests. Please fill out the form below and a representative will contact you to schedule a consultation. 

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